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Jewels --- Selected Writings on Modern Architecture from Asia

edited by Yasushi ZENNO and Jagan SHAH

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Preface and Acknowledgments by Yasushi ZENNO
Until recently, the history of modern architecture was understood mainly in terms of various manifestations of the avant-garde, whether it was a matter of concepts and technology or of style. Modern architecture was also discussed from an “occicentric” perspective—as something that emanated from Europe or the United States and that was then promulgated to the rest of the world... read more

Introduction by Jagan SHAH
[In round 01, the] reader will find a variety of subjects, periods, and
writing styles represented in the eleven chapters, which contain an
archival text, either translated or reproduced, accompanied by an essay
that contextualizes the text and its author and illuminates the subject.
Thus, round 01 effectively contains more than twenty-two readings covering
different periods of the last two centuries, and significant moments in the
evolution of architectural thought in Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea,
Vietnam, Singapore, India, and Turkey.... read more

Section 1 Defining “Architecture” in Asia: Various Aspects
Chapter 1
Chuta Ito’s Proposal to Choose the Japanese Translation of the Word “Architecture” and Rename Zoka Gakkai Accordingly
Kenchiku or Zoka as Vague Translation of “Architecture”
by Norihito NAKATANI

Chapter 2
Ernest Binfield Havell on the Future of Architecture in India
EB Havell and the Thought of Indian Architecture
by Jagan SHAH

Chapter 3
Writings of Wajiro Kon from the 1920s
Wajiro Kon: An Architect Who Envisioned “Architecture as a Container of Everyday Life”

Section 2 The Search for “National” Architectural Styles

Chapter 4
Liang Sicheng and Tong Jun on Traditional Chinese Architecture
Constructing the “New Knowledge” of Chinese Architecture: Two Approaches
by Bobby Chong-thai WONG and TAN Zhengzhen

Chapter 5
Speech at the Founding of Taiwan Architectural Society
Facing Weather and Customs: What Makes Taiwan’s Architectur “Taiwanese”
by Cheng Che CHEN

Chapter 6
Kenzo Tange and Dento Ronso in Postwar Japan
Finding Mononoke at Ise Shrine: Kenzo Tange’s Search for Proto-Japanese Architecture
by Yasushi ZENNO

Chapter 7
Conflicting Views on the Architectural Style of the Buyeo National Museum: Does It Resemble a Japanese Shrine or Not?
Architectural Identity in Postcolonial Korean Society: Controversy on Architectural Style of the Buyeo National Museum
By Changmo AHN

Chapter 8
Nguyen Cao Luyen on Vietnamese Traditional Thatched-roofed Houses
The Pioneer of Vietnamese Architecture—Nguyen Cao Luyen
by Shoichi OTA

Chapter 9
Turkish Architecture and Decoration in the 15th Century
Léon Parvillée and the Discourse on “Turkish” Architecture

Section 3 The Urban Context

Chapter 10
National Land Development Plans of South Korea
South Korea’s Territorial Planning: From Local Management
to Global Positioning
by Marie-Hélène FABRE

Chapter 11
Urban Design and Speech Freedom in 1960s Singapore:
S.P.U.R. (The Singapore Planning and Urban Research Group)
SPURing Design and Planning: Dialogue in Post-Colonial Singapore
by Gregory CLANCEY

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